Kursus med Mary Welford:

The Compassionate  Mind Appoach to Buiding Self-Confidence
Den 26. og 27. august 2013 i Odense

Det er en stor glæde for Dansk selskab for Compassion Focused Therapy at få mulighed for at kunne oprette dette kursus. Mary Welford er en af grundlæggerne af det engelske CFT selskab og sidder i bestyrelsen sammen med bla. Paul Gilbert.
Hendes bog “Buliding Your self-Confidence using Compassion Focused Thereapy” er netop udkommet i 2012. Både Deborah Lee og Paul Gilbert har anbefalet os at udvide vores kompetencer indenfor CFT med Mary Welford og hendes fokus på “self-confidence”.

Praktiske oplysninger:
Odense Kommunes Kompetencecenter, Schacksgade 39, 5000 Odense C
Tid: den 26. og 27. august kl. 09.00 – 16.00.
Pris: kr. 2.700,00
Deltagere: psykologer og læger / anden uddannelse i begrænset omfang.

Tilmelding: Send oplysning om navn, adresse og uddannelse til: else@dinpsykolog.dk
Betaling via netbank:  6880 0002149879  Tilmelding er bindende ved betaling,
eller send oplysning om EAN nr. og arbejdsgivers adresse.

Kurset søges godkendt af Dansk Psykologforening i forhold til specialistuddannelseskrav.

Many people measure their self-worth by comparing themselves to others.   But when we fail to  reach our own, families, communities or societies ‘ideals’ this often results in feelings of inadequacy and subsequent anxiety and low mood.  Individuals can become self-critical, experience shame and experience a sense of disconnection from others.  Although an improvement in ‘self-esteem’ is what individuals often feel that they want this is not necessarily what they need.  Self-esteem is often associated with times when things are going well but can fail us when things do not go to plan.  In contrast self-confidence, built from self-compassion, can help us when things are going well and make us more resilient when things are difficult.
This workshop will outline the research and theory on which Compassion Focused Therapy is based.  It will then use this approach to specifically help build self-confidence through the development of self-compassion.  Attention will also be paid to difficulties that often come hand in hand with lack of self-confidence such as various manifestations of anxiety, depression, substance use and anger.
It will use a combination of presentations, videos, role plays and practices.

This is an intermediate level workshop for those working within the arena of mental health. Day 1 will involve refreshing participants with the model and providing updates on the theory and practice of CFT. Day 2 will involve specific work on Self-Confidence, plus formulation, opportunities to experience and practice compassionate mind training, chair work and compassionate letter writing, reformulation and the development of personal practice plans.

Dr Mary Welford, DClinPsy, is a consultant clinical psychologist who lives and works in the South West of England. She is a founding member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, and she has been involved in the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) for several years. Working alongside Paul Gilbert, she helped to develop Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT).

Reading list
The books upon which this workshop is based:
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Mary Welford, The Power of Self-Compassion, (New Harbinger Feb 2013)
A seminal book on compassion, covering why and how to develop it for ourselves
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